Do You Need Guarantor Loans For More Than 3000 Pounds?

Published: 04th February 2011
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Guarantor Loans are an excellent option for people seeking unsecured personal finance, however applicants are finding more and more that a lot of these products have a lending cap of 3000 and therefore cannot provide enough finance for what the customers are seeking. Luckily there is now a company on the market who offers guarantor loans up to 5000 at reasonable rates, allowing customers to get the money they need and afford to repay it on reasonable terms.

So what are the catches for these products? Well, typically there is no catch when it comes to getting these loan products. Please make sure you find a good guarantor loans company that doesn't charge any up front fees or charges. Normally companies who are demanding up front fees or charges will not be as helpful for as good as they tend to make out on their websites or advertising - always look out for this.

So what is the reason that some lenders only lend 3000 and other companies will give up to 5000? Well, guarantor loans are all based on security, so as long as the lender has the security that they can get their money back then they will indeed lend it. It's simply that some companies feel that 5000 is too much of a risk to lend on a guarantor loan product. However, there are companies that don't think this at all and are happy to lend 5000 when they have faith in the guarantor loan applicant and the guarantor for the application.

If you are seeking finance for up to 5000 then please search on google and find a suitable company who offers on these terms and isn't looking to charge up front fees. You may be suprised about the options which you find on offer to your self in today's financial market place.

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